Soke Takeji Tomita

Tomita Sensei was born in Japan durning the forties. Today he is one of the world's highest graded in Aikido - 8th Dan shihan, a master with 8th grade in black belt and authorised to teach in every aspect of Aikido.

His first contact with Aikido started when he was taking his bachelors degree of science at the university and later the supervision of Saito sensei as his very first uchideshi, also he became a uchideshi of Osensei Morihei Ueshiba(1883-1969), a student who lives, trains and works at the founder's dojo. He spent in total 7 years at the Iwama dojo.

In 1969 Tomita Sensei was invited to move to Sweden then later to open his own dojo. Tomita has during his time in Europe-Sweden, entered deeply in to the studies of anatomy, physics and various methods of concentration. As well as comprehending the essential difference between Japanese and western mentality and psychology involving the process of learning.

In 1992, after consultation with Saito Sensei, Tomita decided to go his own way. Because he devoted himself to these studies for many years and that's how he discovered and systematized the principle that's the very essence of Takemusu Aiki.

Tomita's Sword work included a number of jumping entry movements as he cut. These somewhat surprising Tai Sabaki were easily identifiable by referring to old footage of O┬┤sensei. ... Tomita Sensei is a great practitioner and teacher of Takemusu Aiki, and is doing much to propagate this facet of Osensei's legacy in Europe. Takeji Tomita is truly the gentleman warrior of modern Aikido."(By Arthur C. Lockyear/Fighting Arts international)